Casey Fulgenzi

👋 Hi, I'm Casey and I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and daughter.I run Gospel in Life for Tim Keller and Redeemer. In my spare time I build and design websites. Sometimes for universities, publications, ministries, churches, musicians, businesses, blogs and artists. Previously I was a partner at The Church Co, a website and app platform for thousands of churches.I also founded Churchlancer, a directory of creative freelancers and agencies that work with churches.Sometimes I just like to build random things that I think should exist and hopefully help others in small ways, like Giving Fees and Christmas Watch List.I specialize in websites, product management, marketing and customer success. If you need help with any of those, I'm available for hire.

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Looking to hire someone to help build your new website? Just need to bounce around some ideas for a new project? Let me know what you're thinking and we'll get the ball rolling.

Thank you

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon!